Our Story

We started Scribworks with a vision to help emerging companies plan in the real world. We’ve cut our teeth in the start up world and know that it can all change tomorrow. That is why we designed a solution as flexible as your business.


Ian Netherton


Ian has spent the preponderance of his career supporting scalable small mid-cap companies. He’s all too familiar with the peril startups face. When he’s not working… we’ll let’s be honest, he’s probably working. Otherwise, he with his family or reading a drab non-fiction book.

Jacob Bruintjes


Jacob has deep experience in institutional sales and project management. He’s worked inside a variety of industries and has the knack of delivering the improbable. When he’s not working, he’s with his family or outside 4-wheeling with his friends.

Kevin Clark


Kevin has spent his career developing innovative solutions rooted in decision intelligence and solid user experience. Kevin has develops extensively in FinTech. We’d like to say that Kevin has hobbies but honestly, he’s probably too driven for that.


Dixon Dick

CEO of ArcheThought, Inc

A visionary in urban informatics. Dixon brings a deep background in data architecture and artificial intelligence.