Partner Plan

Join Our Partner Plan and make 10% commission!

We built Scribworks for the savvy accountant and fractional CFO who wants to get paid for their professional judgment and experience, not just to stand up another excel model.

Our seamless accrual models automatically handle items like depreciation, prepaids, and deferred revenue so you can deliver a cash forecast with daily granularity and an accrual forecast for your client’s investors or bankers. Partner portals allow for a single sign-on and associate provisioning. Furthermore, our product is 100% free for your practice. Contact us today to inquire!

Is a Partner Plan right for me?

Will you be using Scribworks for multiple clients?

Scribworks is designed to be a single sign-on platform for you to manage the cash flow of all of our clients. Advisors can easily provision staff and client access.


Will your clients be paying for Scribworks Service?

We aim to engage with our customers with a straight forward approach. Our customer is the client company, not your firm. We serve our customers in partnership with you. We do not engage in billing schemes by offering discounts that you pass on to your clients.

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